January 21st, 2004



I owe someone money for shipping books to me.

My mind has gone temporarily blank.

Remind me and I'll pay you tonight!

Future Shock

After ages pissing about I discovered how easy it was to set up my PDA to access my phone and use it to connect to the internet.

Very easy.

(Except for the bit where I lied to the PDA about what model my phone was, because my new phone isn't on the list)

I then set myself up a new email account and mailed myself there, picking up the mail on the phone.

I'm now in a position to be permanently connected.

If there's anything cooler I don't know what it is!

(except for more bandwidth - for some reason it's incredibly fucking slow to do anything, but still, damned cool)

Next silly question

Can anyone recommend a good way of reading LJ from a Palm?

Is there a better web browser than the one available from the Palm website?  And is there a decent skin for LJ that is readable on a 320x240 screen?

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And then, of course, I discovered that a web browser came with my Palm.

I just read my journal from across the room!

God, I feel so geeky right now.