January 17th, 2004


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Remember the old days, when you'd arrive in to work and discuss the latest episode of XXX that had been on the tv the night before?

The days when everyone would have seen the latest big thing, when you could count on half the country all watching the same TV?

Those days are over.

The advent of Tivo means that there is no longer much relationship between when TV is on and when I watch it.

The advent of cable and satellite means that there is more tv on than anyone can ever watch, by a factor of thousands.

There is no genre of music which has ever been created which doesn't still exist somewhere.

Not to mention that there's practically a century of media incredibly well preserved and slowly becoming available.

I have more choice than I've ever known what to do with.

If I want to watch, listen and wear nothing but that which was popular during the 60s it's possible. and with the wave of social networking that's currently going on, I can choose to speak largely to those who feel the same way I do.

The monobloc of popular culture isn't dead. But it's dying.

Warren Ellis' take on this can be seen here