January 11th, 2004



The basic state pension should be replaced with a non-means tested alternative, the all-party Economic Affairs Committee said in its report.

The lords said putting less emphasis on means-tested benefits and more on the basic state pension would be simpler.

They also said it would encourage people to save more for their pension, without fear of losing entitlements.

However, BBC economics editor Evan Davies said the lords' proposed system, although simpler and fairer than the current one, "would, it has to be said, also be more expensive".

Which just about sums up the way that all benefits work.

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Up early (for a Sunday) this morning so that I could head over to Hugh's for gaming (Lo5R given an extra frisson for having seen The Last Samurai a few days ago).  This sadly had to take the place of meeting up with yonmei, guybles and hfnuala, but I shall just have to make sure I make the next one.

At 3pm I met up with Erin and headed to the cinema for ROTK (second time for me, first for her), then home to do some work for Dad.

Which brings me neatly to 23:15.  Need to grab shower, then head to bed - my shirts are at the dry cleaners, and I really should pick them up before work, or I'll look a tad out of place...