January 6th, 2004



Ever noticed how much men whine when they're ill?

I mean, Jesus, I had 5 posts yesterday about being ill and here's another one about _still_ feeling ill. Am I The Thing That Would Not Shut Up or what?

Anyway, still feel ill, but marginally less ill than yesterday. Kinda. That is, my temperature no longer seems to be see-sawing, but I still feel dizzy if I'm upright for more than 30 seconds and I now have gunk trickling down the back of my throat. And not in a sexy way.

Still, better than yesterday, so hopefully tomorrow I'll be fine. I may even try walking to Safeways this afternoon if I continue to improve.

Some people never learn

Company produces computer game.
Computer game has posters on it with URL on them (presumably purely for realism's sake)
Company doesn't think to register that URL.
Someone else does.
And covers it in porn.

Do these people never learn?

Original story here.

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Courtesy of drainboy, a series of pictures drawn as part of an experiment in the 1950s into the effects of LSD. The artist was dosed and then asked to draw a portrait of the medic at regular intervals.

The results are interesting, to say the least. He seems to go through various different styles and approaches, reminding me of a variety of modern styles.


You know how the US economy is doing alright at the moment? How the stock market is way up?

Not if you calculate it in Euros it isn't.

According to the Dow Jones graph here the January starting price was 9020 and the current price is 10502, which is a 16% increase.

According to the exchange rate graphs here, last January a Dollar was worth 0.94 Euros and at the end it was worth 0.81 Euros. Which means you'd need 16% more dollars to buy a Euro at the end of the year.

Meaning that the US has pushed down it's currency and made it much harder to buy imports for a net gain of.... nothing

Of course it's actually worse than that, what with today's Dollar/Euro price being 0.79 and falling.

Still, the newspapers say that the US economy is doing well, so who am I to argue?