January 2nd, 2004



In answer to those people commenting on my wish to lose weight - I just hit 12 stone againe, which is 76 Kilos. And at that weight I don't look that bad, but my trousers are slightly too tight, and when I come down stairs quickly my stomach stops moving about half a second after I do.

I don't give much of a damn about my weight as an absolute. But I do like to feel comfortable. When my fat stops feeling like part of my body and starts feeling like a loosely attached layer that wants to fall off, I generally decide lose weight.

State of the Goat

If you don't subscribe to news (which you should) then you haven't seen this year's State of the Goat, which is the annual announcement of where LJ is andwhat's planned for the next year.

Biggest announcements of things to come - photo hosting, journal downloading, more email notification.


Ill, by the way. Have spent all day with a sore throat and a head that doesn't really work. Watched "100 worst pop songs ever" in defense. Was amused to discover that I liked about 8 of them and didn't think that about 70 of them were any worse than your average pop song.

Now going to go to bed, in the vague hope that I'll feel better in the morning. Will be going home tomorrow morning too - wondering if my flat still exists after the incredible damage that was undoubtably caused by the bits of New Year Party that happened after I left.


If one of your jobs or hobbies involves communication with other people, then you need to read this commentary of Wiio's Laws of Communication.

While on the one hand they're quite amusing, there are some fantastic points being made there. If I didn't feel like shit I'd elucidate.

Oh, and thanks to autodidactic for the link