January 1st, 2004


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God that was a mixed night. Some parts terrible, some parts fun. Just back to Lilian's (5:20am), and going to exhausted bed.

Happy New Year to you all!

Day Off

My phone is set to redirect. I'm going to spend the day asynchronously and quietly, as far as possible. I will be checking email and MSN intermittently. Oh, and and you can ring me and leave a message, but unless the message is "Aah! Aah! My head is on fire!" then don't expect a rapid response....

New Years Resolution

I only really have two.

One is short term: Lose Weight. Shoukldn't erally be a problem, to be honest.
One is long term: Get my spending down, sort out my cashflow and be debt-free by the end of the year. Theoretically possible for everything bar a long-term loan and my mortgage. I certainly should be able to get my credit card gone, my student loan pays off in 10 months and my current account isn't in overdraft this week. Provided I can sort out the flat in Stirling then I'll be ok...