December 30th, 2003


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Back in Scotland, by the way, hanging out with Adam and Bekka (who are the world's cutest couple) and avoiding going outside.

I feel somehow shattered despite not actually having done very much. But it's 6 days until I go back to work, so I'll hopefully wake up at some point during that time.

Oh, and I seem to have co-opted a few of Lilian's LJ friends in the last few days, which is nice. Soon I may have to do a friends-list rationalisation, just to make my list readable again. It's amazing how some people I met right back at the start are still avidly read, while others just seem to slip in under my radar. Part of me likes having high numbers on my userinfo page, but it's not a game, and I'm starting to feel unfair on those people I don't actually read...

However, the friends-categorisation list is apparently going to have 'allow to read' 'read' and 'is my friend' categories, so I might just wait for that to come through...


I'm bored of reviewing things.

Not sure when it happened, but I've gone from spending sections of films thinking of ways to explain how I feel about them, to having no interest whatsoever in writing about them.

This may have something to do with the fact that I've been doing it for a year solid.

Or it may be because I actually talked repeatedly about the last film I saw (Return of the King) and thus don't feel the need to get my feelings out of my system.

Writing about things has always been something I've done because it was a good way of expunging it from my mind. If I could talk about it with my friends then why would I want to write it down? This, I feel sure, is the reason why counsellors are so necessary for some people - they're a way of getting everything out when you have nobody you can talk to actually in your life.

Maybe I'll suddenly be attacked by the need to write about ROTK tomorrow. Maybe I'll never want to write another review tomorrow. Neither option troubles me particularly. But I'm intrigued to find out which way I jump.

I can look forward to finding out.

Reviews: Addendum

I suspect I _will_ write a ROTK review. If nothing else, I started writing reviews almost exactly a year ago. A year may be an arbitrary length of time, but it's still one that clicks somehow. _Not_ finishing off the year when I only have to write one review to do so would seem like such a waste.