December 28th, 2003



Left home on Saturday afternoon, travelled up to London with Lilian. We visited the Tate Modern, which was most impressive. There's a fantastic exhibition, The Modern Sun which consists of a huge hall, at one end of which is a huge yellow circle, lit from behind. Or rather, it's a yellow semicircle, reflected vertically in the vast mirrored ceiling. Below it people were spontaneously arranging themselvs into patterns to see themselves reflected. Very pretty, and we lay there for about 20 minutes, chatting about a variety of nonsense. I do recommend checking out the links, they're quite remarkable.

Chatting continued as we wandered around the 4th floor, taking in the Common Wealth exhibition, the Nude/Action/Body collection, the History/Memory/Society collection and a few other bits and pieces. One was a short film on a Brazillian City, a line of which stuck with me, so I jotted it down:

You can resume your flight at any time, they said, by you will arrive at a city that is exactly the same. Only the name of the airport changes

Having done enough Modern Art for one day, we headed for bohemiancoastAlison and Stephen's place, where we encountered them just back from 5 days of family and in a state of collapse. Their kids were delightful, considering the colds and tiredness they were suffering from, they filled us full of Pizza, and we chatted until 1:30 am before collapsing into a remarkably comfy bed.

interjection - Lilian says that once I fall asleep I don't move at all until I wake up, which she says is odd, as she thrashes about like a mad thing

Today we got up at 11am, I finished my shower before she was out of the bath, ate the last of the pizza, checked LJ and chatted to Alison/Stephen (who was feeling more alive after a decent night's sleep). Mutual friend Caroline turned up and chatted briefly, and then we fled across to see a cornucopia of Lilian's other friends somewhere near the industrial wasteland that surrounds Kings Cross. We made it over there half an hour late, and still before most people turned up.

I was introduced to a variety of people, all of whose names I have now forgotten (except for Tony, and that's because there were two of them). Lilian will have to remind me of names, and find me LJ usernames for them all, because there is much friending to be done... Fantastically good conversation on various SF topics (mainly ROTK, of course) then ensued until 6:30pm, when we leapt into a taxi to the underground, back to Victoria, then to Rainham, where Mum picked us up and brought us back just as Dad had finished cooking the Spaghetti Bolognaise.

Which, if you ask me, is pretty much the perfect thing to come home to.

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When I set the poll yesterday it was because I'd been discussing the fact that I'm quite good at tenderness but terrible at passion. This then started a long discussion about what the difference between the two was. So I thought I'd get a few other opinions.

And besides the endless people quibbling about definitions, some people actually gave some great answers. For which, thank you.