December 16th, 2003


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Two Towers Extended again last night - this time with green_amber and yonmei, both of whom wanted to see it before they go to see ROTK at the cinema this week (I probably won't be seeing it until the 26th). Miss Amber had somehow managed to forget most of the plot, which was amusing, and Yonmei is a fan of the books, so we got to talk through bits of it about differences and various coolness. Overall, a jolly good time was had.


I was through in the 'Study' checking email when I heard my phone going off. Wondering who the hell rings me at 8am, I leapt back for the bedroom, to discover Lilian thrashing about wondering what on earth was making such an annoying noise. Turns out it was my Dad, returning my call, his phone having told him he had a missed call. Which he did. From Sunday. The wonders of technology.


Hal phoned me at 9:00, telling me that he had a spare ticket to the midnight showing of ROTK tonight. And I told him that I was too tired to go, had to be up early and would find someone else to go with him.

I'm going to see it next week. I have a lot of work to do. I need the sleep or I'll be shit in work and hate every minute of it.

Last year I'd have said "Hell yeah!" and jumped in a taxi.

I feel more responsible and more reasonable.

But I'm not sure how good a thing that is.

I don't read all of you

No really, I don't. I tend to add back people who I find even vaguely interesting, and then people get added to my 'people' friends list depending on how much time I have free at any time. People who comment on my journal have a higher chance of being checked out and added to this list than people who don't, but everyone tends to get left on my friends list, as that way they can read one of the incredibly intermittent friends-only posts.

If you don't enjoy reading me for the sake of reading me, for God's sake don't read me. I don't care if I've been your best friend for 10 years, if reading my journal doesn't do _something_ for you, then don't waste time you could be doing something constructive with. I skim read some journals, read others in depth, pay more attention to some people than others, to some topics than others. A post on dreams by TheFerrettt will tend to be ignored, while a post on the nature of democracy by absolutely anyone will get a closer look.

But don't assume that you _have_ to keep reading me, keep me on your friend's list or whatever. I don't subscribe to the normal notions of politeness where this is concerned. Read me if you like - it's a huge compliment to me and I appreciate it. But I don't assume that you actually read every word I write. And neither should you. If you wanted my direct attention, after all, you'd have emailed me.
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