December 14th, 2003



As LJ codes are now gone forever, I've removed anonymous posting on my journal. I don't like getting posts and not having any idea where they come from, so if you read my journal and want to comment on it, you'll have to take the three minutes necessary to sign up.

It was twenty (x 10^-1) years ago today.

Today two years ago, Joe introduced me to Livejournal. You can find my first day's posts here. With a post on depression, a post on emotion one on a friend and one on my general intentions, it could easily be a post from last week.

Since then, I've friended 150-odd people, 15 communities and 30 newsfeeds, made several friends I've met, vast numbers of friends I'd like to meet and met my new spiffy green_ambergirlfriend.

It's been a long, odd, complicated two years and I have to say I can't imagine life without LJ nowadays.

Other anniversary

A couple of days ago, I broached the 2000 posts barrier.

And that's not including the 6369 comments I've made (or the 8767 I've received).

That's about 3 a day for the two years. Not bad.

Lies, Damn Lies

and the Livejournal stats page.

Which says that there are 59584 users. Which is almost exactly 0.1% of the population. Which is pretty darned impressive - one person in a thousand uses LJ.

Admittedly, the stats also say that of the 1.4 million LJ users, only 540,000 of them were active in the last month, so only half of all nominal users are actual using it.

Still, that's 0.05% of the population. One in every 2000 people in the UK is actively using LJ. Which is kinda surprising, for a website brad started in his bedroom three years ago.