December 12th, 2003


I give up

Went along to get tickets for ROTK at the UGC. Discovered that if you have the season pass you can't book in advance of the day unless you use the premium number. Which only allows you to book one ticket at a time. So if me, Ed, Erin, Guy and Sana were to go together, we'd end up with me and Ed sitting at random spots, probably nowehere near the others. And the tickets were nearly gone anyway, so the seating would almost certainly be bad.

At which point we gave up. I'll go see it in Kent with my folks (a few days after it comes out), and if anyone wants to see it when I get back, I'll happily do that with them.



This week's been my most productive at work in...ooh, about 4 months.Not that I was hideously unproductive before, but this week I've sped through a vast amount of work - I went from a situation where we weren't sure about getting everything done in time to the person handing out work not being able to find me anything to do. Next week testing begins, at which point there will be lots of things that will need fixing.

The moral of the tale is.... get more sleep, feel less stressed and don't eat shit and you will be happy.

{bashes head repeatedly off of wall in a vain attempt to make himself remember this}
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Things slowly calming down with Erin. We had a long talk on the way home from town (I met her after her haircut) and she agreed that we shouldn't be together. She told me that she feels much calmer and less stressed when we're apart. I should warn all of you that I'm a terrible boyfriend in some ways.

In one of the later (not as good) Heinlein novels, someone says that if you want to be friends with Lazarus Long you have to stand up to him. He'll push you until you push back and show you've got a spine. I can be like that with girlfriends - I push and push because I want them to be perfect. I want to help them to be all they can be. And that's not good for a relaxed long-term relationship. I need someone who can tell me to fuck off once in a while. Erin _did_ tell me to fuck off once in a while, but I still wore her down until she resented me and I couldn't cope with the walls that she had to build up in order to cope with me.

I feel very bad about certain aspects of the relationship, but also very happy that I was able to give her the support and help I did. And I enjoyed a lot of the relationship a lot.

Someday I hope to have a relationship that's not dysfunctional.

Maybe when I'm dead.
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I have had a non-dysfunctional relationship
Some day I hope to have a non-dysfunctional relationship
It's the dysfunction that makes them fun!
Frankly relationships just seem like too much trouble

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I demand only two things of my entertainment:
1) That it emotionally manipulate me.
2) That I don't feel like I've been emotionally manipulated

I've seen so many films that just expected me to care because there were violins in the background. That expected me to care about cardboard characters that had no emotional life whatsoever. I started to feel that I was getting too old to be emotionally affected by fiction at all.

And then I see something like the episode of The West Wing I just finished, where a military funeral brought me to the edge of tears, because it showed three-dimensional characters being involved in something that was important to them.

It's not me there's something wrong with. I'm just not watching the right things.


Windows 98 and 98SE are no longer supported.
Windows Millenium edition stops being supported at the end of the month (surprisingly quickly - that's only 3 years)
Windows NT 4 isn't supported already and goes down to 'critical hotfix' support.

I do hope you've all got a _recent_ Microsoft OS.