December 1st, 2003


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Yesterday I had too much to do. And Erin came to bed at 6am, having not written her journalism or finished finding her accountancy stuff, so she's panicked _and_ having to get up again at 9 to find the last of it.

After she came to bed I drifted in and out of sleep, finally drifted off, to dreams of a green carpet of grass, trees down each side, and in between each tree a spider's web. After a while of me trying to find a way out that didn't involve spiders, one of them detached itself and ran towards me, making a sound exactly like a galloping horse.

I can tell it's not going to be a good day.

Love Actually

Various (slightly) interconnected people fall in love and we see the effects it has on their lives. Some of the endings are happy, some of them less so and some of the stories probably could have been snipped without anyone really missing them.

First grab a piece of paper. Draw a circle on it denoting how much you like witty dialogue and pathos. Now, draw another circle, denoting how much soppiness you can deal with. The two circles should overlap by the amount that soppiness adds to your enjoyment of a film. The amount of crossover that you've got there is scientifically proven to be how much you'll enjoy Love Actually.

I found myself completely conflicted coming out of it. On the one hand, the sher levels of schmaltz left me gagging at times, and the unreality of the way that the politics was played out made me want to punch someone. On the other hand, the storyline involving Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson nearly made me cry and a sequence involving Kiera Knightley _did_ make me cry (and yes, I am going to get laughed at by my teammates for that one).

Bill Nighey as an aged rocker recording one last (terrible) Christmas single as a last stab at success is hilarious, and the sections that don't take themselves seriously came across extremely well. Btu maybe that's just the grumpy B*stard in me.

The acting is generally good, with some flashes of greatness (Liam Neeson's banter with his son is particularly good), and so long as you can stand to cringe every so often at the sheer fluffiness, then you'll enjoy this a lot.


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Women who Slack

Rod Liddle says there may be good reasons for women to stay at home, but a lot of them do it because they are plain idle

Obviously humorous article, but with possibly a grain of truth behind it.