November 29th, 2003


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Originally a comment on a post of TheFerrett's about his grandmother falling apart.

I've seriously asked God for something only once in my life.

My grandmother was in hospital, obviously dying, obviously no longer there inside her own head.

It was horrible and upsetting and I knew that, having been such a strong person, seeing herself like that would have made her so sad and angry.

And despite the fact that I don't even believe there is a God, I found myself asking that if I was wrong and there was something out there, it allow this person to die before they had to suffer through any longer.

I hope that euthanasia is legal before I reach that stage, because I really don't want to go that way.

Be my Big Brother

Mapminder is offering a new service that allows people to track the location of others by their mobile phone.

Obviously it's a service you'd want to limit, but I'd be happy to let my friends be able to know where I am. Rather than phoning me to ask why I'm late they'd be able to track me as I arrive late to the cinema...

Oh, one disadvantage - it's expensive. 20p per 'track' plus £2.95 per month and £10 a year. When it hits mass market, then I'll be interested.


Lunch with a whole buncha cool people at Bann's Vegetarian Restaurant. Nice food, fantastic conversation, must do that kind of thing at least once a month. Must also worm my way into the lives of more cool people, and make more of an effort to spend time with the cool people I already now.

Bit tired right now, but going dancing anyway. Must go see Nick and Sana and bounce repeatedly to bleepy static sounds.