November 14th, 2003


Job Hunting

Knowing that some of you are looking for jobs - if any of you are looking to get in at the ground floor, Standard Life Bank are looking for new staff. I know at least two people that started off doing Customer Service style jobs and moved into better things, but any way round, they have an open day tomorrow. It;s in Conference Square, which is off Lothian Road, next to the Sheraton (just up from the Film House).

Anyone want my money?

You know how some people have email they can get to during the day, email they can get to at night, etc. (i.e. work email and home email). How about a service whereby you have an autoforwarder email address that sends email on to the correct address depending on when it's sent.

So, for instance, I have an address You send an email to me at that address and, as it's 4:55 it sends it on to me at, changing the reply-to address to I then reply to it, and the site sends the reply on to you , changing the 'from' to When you reply to that at 5:05, it then forwards that email on to, knowing that at 5:00 I go home.

I'd want to have multiple possibilities, some of which overlap. So from 8-5 Monday-Friday it send email to work, from midnight to 9am and 4pm-midnight it sends it to home. I'd get overlapping copies for those two hours, but it's a price worth paying to make sure that urgent emails get to me no matter where I am.

I'd pay for this service, and I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one...
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