November 8th, 2003


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nirikina, dreema and I spent today in Cambridge, dreema having driven me down from Edinburgh yesterday. I'm staying with skrunchie and aberbotimue while they have a firework party.

So we spent today wandering around Cambridge, looking for bits and pieces for the party, boots for nirikina and a present for dreema. I stupidly went into HMV, to escape 10 minutes later £30 less well off, but with videos of Moulin Rouge, Donnie Darko, Solaris and Road to Perdition. Oh, and Worms: Apocalypse, Lemmings and Wim-City 3000. Should keep me busy for the next few months.

The house here is lovely, decent sized garden, although obviously they're in the process of renovating the whole thing (the new bathroom is amazingly cool). I slept in the living room, and having woken up got to play with their Sky+ system - it's not as nice as Tivo, but it's still pretty neat, and a definite improvement over having to watch tv when it's actually on.

Tonight there will be large explosions, and more people. biscuitware just turned up, and Bob Dalgeliesh (old uni friend who strangely doesn't have a LJ) will be here. Sadly, guyinahat, broin and tisme couldn't make it this time, but It should still be a most excellent evening.

Aaaaaahhhh (relaxed sigh)

Just had a long bath. We ripped out the bath when we redid the bathroom - there wasn't enough space for a decent sized one, and we needed a shower, so it made sense to just replace the existing tiny bath with a cubicle.

but having half an hour in a decent sized bath reminded me how wonderfully relaxing baths are - my whole body soaked into enforced calmness, I read 50 pages of Norwegian Wood and turned my brain resolutely off.

Now I'm back up again, Nathan's got the fire started and it's definitely time to go and lend a handthrowing flaming brands about...

Zap! Kapow! Boom!

Two hours and £350 of fireworks later, it's all over.

Dear Lord that was pretty - Nathan, Rob and Chris dashing back and forth to Ground Zero, lighting as many things as they could before the explosions started and then dashing back to the safety of.. well, 10 feet away.

Several of the fireworks said "Bury this deep" and "stay at least 25 metres back", warnings which were strictly ignored as we all watched multitudes of glowing balls zip into the sky, showering cornucopias of explodey fun over our heads and occasionally threatening to set fire to the hedge.

Oh, and the bonfire was graced with an old sofa and an old bedstead, both of which burnt with alacrity and large amounts of smoke - I have a feeling I've knocked a good couple of weeks off of my lifespan.

I got to man the BBQ too - amazingly I managed the complicated task of turning things over repeatedly until they were equally blackened on all sides - Nathan's BBQ is pretty cool and has a 'underBBQ bit' where things could be kept warm, so things didn't get too burned while I was waiting for people to queue up with buns.

All in all it was a rather good evening. We're trying to persuade Nathan to do it again next year.