October 23rd, 2003



Good work day, ending with Stephen pointing out several stupidities in my code (it all worked, but he spotted 3 places where it might stop working if things are changed).

DNS is now propagating, so my email should be back up win the next 24 hours.

Fab night last night, which I tore myself away from and forced myself into bed at 10:30. Then got up again at midnight to tell them to shut the fuck up. And then again at 2 to ask Tisme if she'd mind not shouting quite so loudly while waving her wine glass in the air.

Still, feel fairly well rested, and looking forward to gaming tonight.

Speaking of which, I'm off.

Good Lord

I can't believe that people actually rated me.

I laughed out loud at some of the responses to the previous poll.

I think you're all wonderful, fantastic people.

Gaming was great fun, now I'm exhausted. Bed awaits. Going to be sleeping with a large grin on my face.