October 19th, 2003



Childminded for Hal (with Ed) from 12:30-4:30. Cameron was asleep when we arrived and woke up after his parents had left, so felt a tad confused/scared to find two vaguely strange people there to look after him. After a 15 minute cry we settled him down with Toy Story 2 and then took him down to the swings. Good fun, reminded me that kids are cool and that I don't want any.

Then off to see Kill Bill. Capsule review - "Hell Yeah!" Tarantino is the master of cool.

Then Green_Amber gave me stew and we chatted before heading Tav-wards for it's final night.

Then teeth played up, so home again to floss, wash mouth out and generally hope that pain goes away.

Going to bed now - hopefully the pain will vanish in a bit and I'll be able to sleep...
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    The Prodigy - Narayan


Guy - Sana. You're not replying to MSN stuff, so here's a public announcement to say that my teeth hurt, I got a less than optimal amount of sleep and I'm going to be curled up on the sofa here.

I really do want to be there, and this sucks. Have fun without me.


I saw a good review of Dark Knight 2 recently and I can't remember where the hell it was. I thought maybe it was Warren Ellis, but he's just been scrawling fiction recently.

Anyone else seen a positive DK2 review recently?