October 10th, 2003


Andys hints and tips for drug usage

1) It is possible that you will meet God while tripping. It is vitally important that you get his phone number, so that you can phone back the next day and make sure it was actually Him.
2) When the UFO's come down and offer to take you away to their homeworld remember that spaceships aren't generally reported to have blue flashing lights on top. The ones on top of police cars, on the other hand, are.
3) People can't actually tell you're tripping just because you're smiling an awful lot. Stopping passing cars to proclaim yourself King of the Potato People is, however, a dead giveaway.
4) Your drugs are on the inside of your head, other people's are on the inside of theirs. It's possible you might be able to explain your new theory of quantum socks to someone tripping with you, but let's just say it's unlikely.
5) Some people aren't tripping at all. While it's also possible that these people are in fact gagging to hear the intricate details of quantum sock theory, it's more likely that, as it's 4am, they'd rather be asleep.

Any suggestions from the floor?

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Do I know you from somewhere?
Why do you leave me wanting more?
Why do all the things I say
Sound like the stupid things I've said before?

I love that song
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Emotional Pain actually physical

Brain scans carried out on volunteers showed that when they suffered a social snub, the brain's "pain centre" went into overdrive. The finding suggests that any emotional stress, such as the demise of a relationship or the loss of a loved one, might be far more closely linked to real pain than previously thought.

More here.
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