October 4th, 2003


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"See, in our country, we have a two-party system; my party is the Stupid Party, and the other party is the Evil Party. Sometimes my guys are in power and we get a lot of stupid legislation; sometimes the other guys are in power and we get a lot of evil legislation. Sometimes both parties are in power and we get what's called 'gridlock,' where nothing particularly stupid or evil gets done. But occasionally the parties get together in what we call 'bipartisanship,' where we pass something that's both stupid and evil . . . ."

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I suck at sleeping.

Well, to be honest, once I go to bed I'm pretty darn good at it. Barring the odd snoring rhinocerous or early-morning lawnmowing I can happily fall asleep in 17 seconds and stay that way all night.

But when it comes to going to bed I really do suck.

I hate abandoning anything that's going on and heading off to bed. It's not so bad if Erin's going too, because at least that way I'll have someone to talk to. But if she's still up and chatting (or even worse, gone to bed hours before) then I can end up sitting at my desk doing pretty much anything to avoid going to bed.

Being tired, if anything, makes it worse. I've been knackered for about two weeks and couldn't get the enthusiasm to go to bed. Last night I finally forced myself out at 11-ish, fell asleep within 5 minutes and looked forward to getting 10 hours of sleep.

Which meant that waking up at 5:30 with toothache was just a tad annoying. I seem to have been grinding my teeth, possibly because I was eating sweet things last night to stay awake through the film.

I got back to sleep at around 8:00 and slept through to 11:00, which still left me feeling much more awake than I have done in ages.

More sleep to come, until I feel fully human again.
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Thinkers and Doers

Good piece of writing over here on doers and thinkers.

There are two people reading the same book. Person A is a student of language, well versed in grammar -- fully aware of the literary devices and components of a well structured sentence, paragraph, composition.

Person B, on the other hand, has only enough education in language to read and write. They are aware of grammar insofar as it is necessary to read with comprehension.

Both people read this book from cover to cover, neither necessarily comprehending the book better than the other.

Person A, however, believes that person B cannot truly appreciate the book for lack of ability to understand the inner workings of the literary composition.
Person B, on the other hand, believes that Person A is a fool for having spent so much time studying language when such "excess" knowledge is not necessary, by any practical means, and a book may be easily enough read without the years of studying reading.