September 27th, 2003



About 9 months ago, while I was at Guy's, I changed his MSN display name to "Felcher Monkey"

This provoked a few other people to do similar things (including posting to his journal).

Last night, I collapsed instantly after Deathwatch, leaving Guy in the same room as my computer.

This explains the previous post.....

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When we are young the only way that we can be persuaded to do unpleasant things is to be told that they are good for us. Nobody ever needs to tell us that things we like are good for us, because we do them without needing reinforcement.

This gives rise to the strange feeling that things are only good for us if they are unpleasant. I wonder if this has generally negative effects.

I don't understand

I wasn't as dissapointed by Matrix Reloaded as many people were. The first one wasn't a revelation to me (I actually preferred The Mummy, which I saw in the same week), and the second one seemed to take the mythos and broaden it nicely. I didn't get sucked into the hype about it being the most incredible movie of all time and so I enjoyed it as a fun action movie with a fair number of references thrown in for good measure.

The one thing that concerned me was whether they'd be able to tie up the various threads they created in the first half of the movie into a decent whole by the end of it. The new trailer, here, doesn't exactly settle my anxieties, but it does, very much make it look as if they're at least going to try.
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Meme ripped from the pages of theferrett...

Name 6 LJ users you want to have dinner with.

I started off with a list of 17 people and then slowly whittled it down. After 5 minutes of reluctant deletion I ended up with 9. None of whom I can get rid of without somebody physically pointing a gun at my head.


Oh, in alphabetical order, just in case you were wondering.

The reasons for all of them are pretty much the same - people I find fascinating online, have usually had interesting arguments with, and in some cases have chatted to over IM.