September 24th, 2003


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Two days ago, Boxing legend Frank Bruno was taken away by mental health workers, having been found to be a danger to himself/others, to a mental health ward. Having been inside a few of these myself (visiting others, I should add), I felt a tinge of sadness and pity that someone was in a bad enough state to need this.

He being a huge star a few years ago, this made the front page of the tabloids. The Mirror and the Record both had fairly sympathetic headlines along the lines of "Depressed Bruno taken into Care". The Sun, on the other hand came out with "Bonkers Bruno Locked Up". As the Sun is the most-read newspaper in the UK, I felt suddenly ashamed to be living in a society that talked about people that need help and understanding in this way.

I was immensely cheered to discover I wasn't the only one, with the later editions of The Sun changing their headline to something much more sympathetic after hundreds of complaints rolled in and they received a savaging from various charities. Apparently people had even taken to ripping the offensive front pages off of the newspapers.

Which makes me slightly more proud of the people I share a country with.

Addendum: Today The Sun launched a fund to help mentally ill people, with £10k of their cash. Which just goes to show, I guess.

Once Were Warriors

Review taken from work's film board:

Before he got his head chopped off by Mace Windu, Jango Fett lived in New Zealand on the planet Earth with his wife and family. His species was called the Mauri and they are a proud warrior race. Before they started wearing armour, they wore tatoo's all over their body.

Jango was a particularly brutal Mauri - he beats up and abuses his wife, he neglects his children and he has a serious drinking problem. However he was an excellent fighter that no one dared mess with which made him an ideal candidate to be cloned into an army of Clone Troopers.

This movie of the early life of Jango was excellent - very brutal with amazing performances by all the actors. His wife especially gave a very powerful performance which must of won her awards at the time. Not comfortable viewing, but well worth seeing. Watch with some man sized hankies though.

After seeing this I am glad Jango got his head chopped off by a lightsaber - served him right!!!


The Ultimate LJ Quiz

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The example that inspired this one:
Sana, on the outside looks like a teen muppet. On the inside she's a 30 foot tall laser-eyed killer robot.

How about you?

On the outside I look like

On the inside I'm