September 22nd, 2003


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My goodness I'm a pain when I'm feeling lonely and feeling vaguely down.

I already feel like far less of a pain than I was when I was in my mid-twenties, and as I've remarked before, I have almost no empathy with the early twenties me at all.

Someone once remarked that when he reached a certain age he found he was able to interact with women without spending most of his time thinking about sex.

Roll on that time, that's all I say, it can't come soon enough.


This site is just heartbreaking. Strip cartoons made up of 3 photos and text overlaid on top of them. And three of them so far have made me want to cry.

Le Roi est pas mort, Le Roi est retourne!

If all goes according to Plan, the film-soc at work will be hiring out the Dominion Cinema for the midnight showing of Return of the King on the night of the 16th of December (it comes out on the 17th, so we'll be starting as soon as it's legal, so to speak).

I can get tickets for non-soc people if they so wish. But I want to get notes of interest now, so that when they ask I can get in and say "27 tickets please" before they all go. You don't have to promise anything now, but if you're interested you'll get a phone/text/mail from me as soon as I know prices and can let me know your choice then.

Right, who's in?

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I meet a guy, usually under benign circumstances, and we become "friends," we hang out, we go to dinner, movies, we have the conversations about our feelings on the opposite sex without directly talking about how we feel about each other. The relationship goes like this long enough so that I get comfortable, I think, Cool, I have a new friend. I don't think he's interested in being more than my friend, because if he was he would have tried to kiss me, offered to buy me dinner, done something that was more than just friendly. Sure, some part of me secretly wonders why. We're both single, attractive adults, but I'm happy having a new friend who won't talk in the middle of movies and will listen to my stories.

Then it happens, it always happens. Maybe there's too much beer involved; maybe, as in the latest case, there's too little electricity -- whatever. He makes his move. It doesn't matter whether I end up making out with him or I say something along the lines of I'd rather preserve our friendship, because right then, the friendship is over. It never turns into that romantic-comedy mushy romance of my lifetime crap. Either I call too much after that because I still think we're friends or, horror of horrors, I might be hoping that there was more to this than a one-night stand and he thinks I'm being clingy or he gets clingy or I hurt his ego or whatever. It never works out; we never can remain friends.

Observations from the crowd?

Guilty Admission

I have a thing for strong, controlling women who know what they want, are self-reliant, intelligent and don't take shit from anyone.

On reflection, this is all Servalan's fault.

I hope to god this means nothing at all to most of you.
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