September 19th, 2003



We have clock in machines dotted strategically around the various buildings at work. These keep track of our flexitime automatically and generally seem to be a good thing, as they make keeping track of how many hours you've worked (or more importantly, have still to work).

The one downstairs has been acting oddly for about a month - it took a few attempts to get it to recognise an ID card and it felt slightly odd, as if there was something loose inside the slot. I didn't worry about this unduly, as it wasn't a huge pain to insert the card a few times. At first I thought it might just be my card, but when I came in at a busy time I was caught behind 4 other people having the same problems as myself.

No matter, I thought, someone will have reported it by now and thy'll be going through some kind of 6 month re-ordering period, where they have to get spare parts from Sao Paulo and an engineer from Irkutsk (a place name that has, incidentally, fascinated me since my earliest days as a Risk Player). But time dragged on and this afternoon I was bored enough to actually copy down the phone number and ID from the front of the machine and give them a call.

Lo and behold, 4 hours later I get a call from someone in the support division telling me that the machine's been fixed, and indeed - checking the logs I find that the machine hasn't just been fixed, it's been replaced, because the old one had chewing gum somehow lodged inside it.

Having heard people complain on several occasions about the state of the clock-in units, and the general assumption that the reason for this was that the company didn't really care, it was delightful to discover that things get fixed almost instantly, if someone actually gets round to pointing out the problem.

Stop Clicking!

Some of you who are getting emails from Microsoft containing the newest security patch, for your convenience.

Some of you are getting emails from Ebay telling you that there's a problem with your account and asking for your details to fix it.

Some of you are getting emails which promise to help you get off of spamlists.

Will all of you please stop fucking clicking on anything in these emails!!!!!

Thank you.

Best news I've heard all week

At a by-election in London there's been a massive swing from Labour to the Lib-Dems.

2001 Results: Labour 63%, Conservatives 18%, Liberals 10%
2003 Results: Labour 33%, Conservatives 16%, Liberals 39%

I was expecting Labour's popularity to drop, but the fact that the Conservative's also dropped and people moved to the Liberals in massive quantities makes me rather happy. People have been avoiding voting Liberal because their seen as a wasted vote. This makes it quite clear that they're not.

More at the BBC.