August 30th, 2003


Kinky Sex

Cheers to Rollick for linking to The Ferret, wherein I found this gem:

But that's the problem with kinky sex. I've always wanted to be the High Lord of Depravity, but being fundamentally lazy and naïve, I've come to realize that frankly, kinky sex is just too much work. Kinky sex is like performing on stage; everyone wants to play in the band, but nobody wants to get there an hour and a half early, drag all of your shit into the bar, test the mikes, say "check" about four zillion times, tune the guitars, do an impromptu rendition of "Johnny B. Goode," wait two hours for the customers to show up, tune again, take down your instruments, remove all the wiring, pack it out into your cars, bring it home, and then go back to the bar and try to pick up the two chicks who might even vaguely remember who the fuck you were.

The rest of that one is here.

Brain Compatible Learning Theory

Ripped from the pages of AliceIWonder, a teacher:

There are 3 parts of the brain.

The first is the Reptile Brain, which evolved (yes, he did say the E word, all you Good Oklahomans) for the use of the critters crawling out of the sea. It doesn't know much -- eat or be eaten. It doens't see well -- it mostly needs to see how BIG the other object is. It needs to know, do I eat IT or does it eat ME? Its only need is survival.

The second is the Emotional Filter and the third is the part you think and learn with.

Why is this important?

Because the Reptile Brain has the authority to shut down all other parts of the brain. This is why when you see a multicar pileup with blood and gore everywhere you will stand completely still and lose all ability to speak. This is also why children don't learn. In a stressful situation, the higher brain turns to "off." This includes stress coming from OUTSIDE the room, such as family life, tornadoes, etc. It can also come from INSIDE the room, like when you're yelling at Anthony to stop using the shavings from the pencil sharpener to baptize his classmates.

Those darn Neo-cons

Interesting article on the cognitive dissonance currently gripping the Washington Neoconservatives who thought that the US would be welcomed with open arms.

It's rapidly becoming apparent to me that the Neo-cons have a fairly good grasp of how the majority of people behave in a 'civilised', rich, comfortable society where the majority of people have enough money to survive and capitalism is an accepted way of life. When these things aren't true and the cultural norms aren't "Modern-Western" they are completely flummoxed. Which is a great shame because these people are apparently running the world's largest army.
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Festival time

I'm off to Festival Erotique at the Corn Exchange. If any of you are there I'll be the one in the Cerebus T-shirt.
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Bekka and Khi

Bekka's up for the weekend, Khi came through to see her. They got ready in a PVC dress a remarkably cool Sari. I got some photos, but they aren't as good quality as I'd like...
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