August 27th, 2003


Missing an Angel

To be precise, missing Angel Season 2, Box set 2. If you are the person who borrowed this, then I want it back. Or rather Ed's now finished the first box set and we've noticed a hole where box set 2 should be...

Anyone? Someone? Anyone?


In a change from my usual slant, here's a fascinating look at how training can help overcome things. In this case it can help children to learn to distinguish sounds much faster than they would otherwise.

As a note, I believe that people can learn/train to do incredible things. It goes without saying (to me) that people can remake themselves dramtically using sociological and psychological techniques. It's the genetics stuff which amazes me, because it seems so much less likely. That's why I'm fascinated by it.


In an effort to something or other, I'll explain _why_ I'm posting this...

I grew up reading Heinlein. While I find it hard to go back to him now, I have a huge appreciation for much of his work and a vast amount of my daydreams as a child and young adult came from his fiction. He was definitely one of my heroes, back when I had heroes.

The man who sold the moon
You belong in The Man Who Sold The Moon. You are a
dreamer. People don't understand you your
calling, and often get in your way. Frontiers
call to you, and you will breathe your last
breath as you gaze back from a distant horizon.

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