August 21st, 2003


Birthday and Wedding

I'm now 31, as of 11 minutes ago. Hurrah for me!

I've also just uploaded the wedding photos to webshots. You can see them here. Unless you're a member of the family, chances are you'll be more interested in the one marked friends. There's a couple of cool ones in the Family section too tho. I separated them out because webshots won't let me have more than 24 pictures in an album without paying them...


Woke up with a horribly unjustified headache today. I can only assume that the universe thinks that everyone has a hangover on my birthday and provided one despite my lack of drinking.

I was woken at 5:20 by the cat streaking across the room and leaping up onto the bed, bounding across my legs and leaping into Erin's wardrobe (causing the whiteboard leaning against the wardrobe to fall against my foot).

At 5:40 Erin's alarm went off.

At 7:20 her office rang to ask why she wasn't in, so I stayed awake and chatted until 7:40 when her Taxi arrived.

At 8:30 the post arrived.

At 9:10 my parent called to wish me happy birthday.

At 9:30 I gave up on the whole idea of sleeping and chatted to Ed for a bit.

My headache is now largely gone, I've checked LJ, chatted to a few people, downloaded the latest Matrix Revolutions trailer (ooh, shiny) and am now editing an LJ entry on the ongoing Erin situation.

I intend to have a nice quiet day inside until Khi turns up (the weather outside having turned grey and windy). Tomorrow I will go into town and enjoy myself.