August 20th, 2003


Video Night

I'm well aware that most of you bastards are wandering Bradford-wards to be all l33t at Infest, but any who aren't are welcome to come by my place at 8pm on Friday to watch videos. It being my birthday on Thursday I'll be choosing the videos myself, but I have no idea what I'll be subjecting you too.

Midsummer madness

I popped into work today for an hour. I'd arranged to attend a guide to some obscure form of pensions that the company offers way before I booked this time off work and failed to realise that the time collided. I could have pulled out, but I actually want to understand more about what the company does so that when people describe various things in industry jargon I don't just stand there, mouth agape, looking like I play the banjo the way my mother/sister taught me.

After that I picked up Bran at Real Foods and saunted vaguely homeward, where I helped Ed put his new bed together. His room's slowly coming together, and soon I expect to look like an actual bedroom. Having an actual bed in there being an important step...

Tonight I'm off to see Returner, a Korean time-travel action movie. If those words don't make your heart sing then there's probably something wrong with you...