August 19th, 2003


Army Signals

These are hilarious.

Especially for you, Adam.

Sigh - that's two people who have said "It's very small". If you're using a modern browser, the picture will no doubt have been scaled down. Scale the damn thing back up again,,,

Film tonight

I'm going to see Intermission at the filmhouse at 5:15 and I have a spare ticket.

If anyone wants to join me then they can have it half price (£3). Unless nobody has any money, in which case someone can have it for free.

Anyone fancy it?


Right, I'm off to the cinema now. If anyone wants to join me they can have the ticket for free - call me on 07980 86 86 39 and let me know that you are, so that I hold it for you.

Shoulda been there

Well, Guy went to see Intrmission with me. It was extremely good, even if the handycam work left me feeling nauseous enough to experience the last 15 minutes as radio.

I then met Ed and Erin for Laurel Canyon at the UGC, which was not quite as good, but still well worth a watch. Frances McDormand as a 70's rock chick/record producer, Christian Bale as her uptight son. touching in places and completely without a neat and tidy ending.

We then came home via the Nepalese place and grabbed the world's nicest takeout.

All in all a good day.