August 15th, 2003


The weekend starts here!

Just back from Safeway, from whence I have retrieved 10 shirts and a pair of trousers, all dry-cleaned and nicely-pressed. Not bad for £13.

I'm on the 5pm train to the Lake District, arriving around 6:30 (I think) - it's almost close enough to make it worth popping down for the day.

Saturday is going to revolve around weddings, which which undoubtably be very, very dull (I've been to precisely one fun wedding and that was when I was about 13 and it was one of those fun Jewish ones with lots of dancing and merriment). fortunately some of my cousins are interesting, so I'll be kept amused by that.

Sunday I'm hanging around for lunch and then leaping on a mid-afternoon train back up.

I feel like I have nothing terribly interesting to say, but I'm sure I'll think of something eventually.

Oh, went to Festival with Ed yesterday, taking in a talk by Robert Winston (british tv-scientist) at the book festival. He chatted meanderingly about cloning and genetic modification and instinct. Never really settled in any one area, but it was all amusing. This was followed by three writers talking about the ethics of writing books that had factual (or factually-inspired) novels, and how much accuracy was reasonable. We then wandered down to the UGC and saw a talk by Music Video company Hammer & Tongs (both of them), in which they talked us through several music videos (there's and others). Very amusing, they were both relaxed raconteurs and the videos were generally of high quality.

There will be move film watching next week!

Film trips

Next Week myself and Erin are going to see:

Intermission - Tuesday, 17:15, Filmhouse

Laurel Canyon - Tuesday, 20:00, UGC

Returner - Wednesday, 17:30, Cameo

See you in the funny pages - Saturday, 15:30, UGC

More info can be found at