August 12th, 2003


MP3 sorting

Musicbrainz is going from strength to strength. I just let it loose on my 'misc' folder - 63 tracks I'd not been able to tag before and it found all but 3 of them (which turned out to be songs I didn't recognise myself).

With a little weeding that's got the MP3 collection sorted out. I'm down do 2635 tracks. Which will probably do me for the moment...


This one's arrived from 3 different directions today:

"The question is this: What unique identifiers do I have in your mind? That is, what things do you associate with me that you don't associate with anyone else.
See if you can think of three, as trivial as you like."

The problem is that very few things in people strike me as completely unique about them. I've generally struggled to even come up with one thing. Maybe my brain just isn't working well enough today.