August 11th, 2003



If any of you want to see pictures of Edinburgh Zoo and Arthir's Seat with me and family/friends, then you can do so here.

Anyone know of a better image hosting site? Or failing that, image hosting software that runs on Windows.

Delivery Companies

Well, having phoned on Thursday to make sure that two parcels would be delivered today, I called both companies at midday to ensure the parcels were en-route.

Surprise, surprise, neither one had any record of my calls.

So now both parcels will be here tomorrow, apparently.

I'm not happy.


Following 3 hours of trying to get rsync working under window, I'm now convinced that I never want to see another command line ever again. Ever. Ever.

All I bloody want to do is synchronise two folders on separate windows machines, so that Erin can automatically back her files up onto my machine at preset times.

Anyone got a nice, simple solution to this?


Gah, 8 hours of holiday and 4 hours of computing annoyance have led me to this...

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Fun and games with Visual Studio.NET

I got fed up with all the backup programs I could find and decided to write one myself. I've been promising people I'd write a file transfer program for a while, after all. How hard can it be, I asked myself....

Some time later....

I got something up and running that would take a character and return that character in upper case. That didn't take that long once I got my heard around the way that .NET works with TCP. The code mostly came from other places, but it took a while of playing around with it to actually understand what it was doing.

I could then telnet in and send characters one at a time - telnet's an invaluable resource when testing TCP applications, it really is.

Having done that I wanted to send whole words, from a Windows Form. So I knocked something up there and it actually worked first time (again, the code was ripped off from other places, but modified as I went along to do just what I wanted).

And then I tried to change it so that it wasn't talking to "localhost", but chatting on the actual IP address of the machine (not much point writing a file transfer program that only works on the machine it's on) and it all fell apart. I kept being told that my connection was being actively refused. It took me ages of looking for security settings before I realised there was no problem with security settings - the problem was that apparently localhost and the actual machine address are two different interfaces - telling it to listen on one isn't the same as listening on the other. 30 seconds later it's all working.

Now to play around with file creation...