August 3rd, 2003


End of the weekend

Good Lord.

A quick google for snoring fetish found nothing at all. Maybe I've finally found something that nobody gets turned on by.

Oh, and that's my weekend over with. I saw a Japanese Noh version of Macbeth (not to self, always watch the original of a play before going to see the bizarre version where you can't understand what the hell's going on) and Marc Salem - mind reader (fantastic, and once again did things I cannot explain).

I've got two weeks off for the festival later this month and I'm looking forward to seeing a wide variety of entertainment. Today certainly got me in the mood.

Oh, and if you're eating out in Edinburgh I recommend Chinois - it's an upmarket version of China China - all you can eat for £10, but with more selection and even nicer food. I've stuffed myself to bursting point (includiong trying every single dessert there)

Tomorrow I return to my normal eating habits. Boo!!!!