July 30th, 2003



Yesterday all the syndicated journals stopped updating. I assumed someone was working on it and just checked my favourite sites by hand.

Numerous hours later I chatted to a lovely support person I happen to know in person and asked them when it was due back up. They replied "You mean it isn't? There's nothing in the support queue about it."

Turns out nobody else had reported it either. It was fixed about a minute later.

The moral of the story is, the support people do try to make LJ work as much as possible, but they can't fix your problems if you don't tell them you have them. If something is consistently wrong, get over to http://www.livejournal.com/support/ and tell them so. The more people report a problem the more they know about it and the easier it is to fix it.

Don't worry.....

New Scientist reports that happiness helps to fight off colds:

Happy people are three times less likely to get a cold, according to researchers who squirted cold virus up the noses of volunteers.

Psychologist Sheldon Cohen and his colleagues at Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania, also found that the positive thinkers who do develop symptoms complain about them less.

one step forward, two steps back

Poll shows backlash on gay issues

WASHINGTON — Americans have become significantly less accepting of homosexuality since a Supreme Court decision that was hailed as clearing the way for new gay civil rights, a USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll has found. After several years of growing tolerance, the survey shows a return to a level of more traditional attitudes last seen in the mid-1990s.
Asked whether same-sex relations between consenting adults should be legal, 48% said yes; 46% said no. Before this month, support hadn't been that low since 1996. (Related item: See poll numbers)

Those making the biggest shifts included African-Americans. On whether homosexual relations should be legal, their support fell from 58% in May to 36% in July. Among people who attend church almost every week, support fell from 61% to 49%.

By 49%-46%, those polled said homosexuality should not be considered "an acceptable alternative lifestyle." It was the first time since 1997 that more people expressed opposition than support.

Controversial statement of the day

From the IMDB:

Spanish siren Penelope Cruz has controversially claimed her character in new film Don't Move is "a little pleased" at being raped. The girlfriend of Hollywood hunk Tom Cruise plays a destitute woman who becomes involved with a high powered doctor in the Italian movie, which is directed by Sergio Castellitto, who also plays the medical expert. And Cruz says of her character, "Her father has been raping her since she was 12-years-old, and that's why, when (the doctor) rapes her, she is even a little pleased because he is a surgeon. A man from a higher social class." The movie - Non Ti Muovere in Italian - has just begun shooting in Rome.

Ouch. I can just imagine the fuss that that is going to cause. If it's handled well it'll be fantastic, but it's still bound to offend a good many people.


Following the discussion last week of obscenity, it seemed that some people were taking obscene to mean "things that offend me" and others were taking it to mean "Things that are generally considered offensive". So I'm wondering about the differences..

Poll #162494 Obscenity

One thing I find obscene is:

Something I don't find obscene, but believe other's do is:

Oh, most of my polls allow anyone to look at the results. If you would be more likely to answer truthfully (or at all) if the results weren't generally visible, let me know.


Someone at my desk was reading about the festival and apparently under 27's get a free something-or-other.

"Well," he said, "that only applies to one person on this team."

and everyone looked at me.

Which, considering I turn 31 in less than a month, was very nice indeed.

Scary Stats

Plastic has some scary stats on recent US polls:

"On the other hand, the report states that the public has an increased suspicion toward followers of Islam. The poll found 44 percent of those surveyed believe that the religion promotes violence, a large leap from the 25 percent who felt that way just last year. The survey found 24 percent of respondents believed 'all or most' Muslims are anti-American, with an additional 25 percent believing 'about half' of members of the Islamic faith hated the U.S. Each figure jumped from 18 percent in March 2002.

"The view of politics and religion had some interesting revelations -- 41 percent believed political leaders expressed their faith in public 'too little,' 21 percent said politicians cited their religion 'too much' and 29 percent thought it was 'about right.' Where President Bush was concerned, 58 percent said his faith affected his political decisions the 'right amount,' 21 percent thought not enough, and only 10 percent surveyed thought his faith had too much influence on his policymaking.


End of a long day at work in 15 minutes. I had been planning on working 8-5 today in an effort to push up my flexitime, but it seems that my development lead won't be able to help me with a problem until tomorrow morning, so it's home for me at 4pm...

I was in so early so that I could have a word with my manager and apologise for my incompetence. I booked myself onto a training course for yesterday, completely forgot about it and missed it entirely. She now has to explain to _her_ manager why she allowed this to happen (um, because I failed to follow procedure and tell her, which i'd have realised if I'd read the small print at the bottom of the "welcome to the course" instructions). She wasn't best pleased, but I could tell that she didn't want to tell me off, but wanted to get across that me messing up causes her grief. Mustn't do that again.

Anyway, I had a team meeting with my current temporary team at 9:30, and Erin's leaving at 6:30 tends to wake me up anyway (at least temporarily) and I'd been up since 6:30 yesterday, so I decided to get up at 6:30, go into work for 8:00 and get an extra hour of flex. As it is I'm not going to get that extra hour, but at least I'll be leaving work at 4pm without having lost any time.

I have no idea what I'm going to be doing with my evening, I'll have to work something later, as Erin's presumably heading off down the Tav for a few drinks. Shame nobody lives nearby.


Just noticed why my typing has gone to pot - despite thefact that my fingers are still making the right movements, my hands are moving in and out of synch with each other, causing spaced to occur several letters too early/late and whole words to come out as anagrams.

Bed at 10:00 tonight, methinks.

Chatting to Mike

MikeD says:
I'm currently enjoying the indie pop sounds of Wheatus
MikeD says:
And watching people collapse unconscious after 1 pint of beer
Andy says:
Where are you?
MikeD says:
The waitress has just wondered out of the pub
I think it's to go and sit outside
Damn her

Andy says:
You're on a laptop???
MikeD says:
Andy says:
{gets confused}
MikeD says:
All my friends are virtual and under my control
MikeD says:
In Fable
Andy says:
what are you doing?!?!?!?!?!?
MikeD says:
In Fable
MikeD says:
Programming pub behaviour
Andy says:

I love the internet

Currently using Emusic to download some Jazz recommended by garthmyl while using MSN to transfer some Gotan Project to her. I've discovered that the Gotan Project's entire album is on EMusic, so that's queued to download too.

My music collecton is expanding apace. This is great.

Bedtime, methinks.