July 22nd, 2003



Apathetic night last night - got nothing done except for a wander to the supermarket. Decent night's sleep and my diet is better, so I'm feeling for alive today.

I keep having this niggling feeling that I'm forgetting or missing something, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Keep finding myself staring into space, with an itch in the back of my head like there's an inkling that's not on the tip of my tongue, but waaaay back in the hindbrain.

Maybe if I actually got around to taking up meditation I'd be able to hear it better.

Sorry about the war

Excellent explanation of why the war happened.

Of course, the person writing it is one of those right-wing types, and I don't agree with all of the stuff around the emotions, but the simple categorisation is quite astute and honest (and completely different to the official line, of course).

Ends and Means

I occasionally think about deceit and how worthwhile it is. It's one of those things I love in roleplaying games (hence my Scorpion Courtier in Legend of the 5 Rings), but avoid thoroughly in real life.

Experience has taught me that secrets cannot be kept by multiple people, the truth will come out and no matter how good your intentions were in lying to them, no matter how positive the outcome, people will hate you for not telling them the truth.

Can anyone think of situations where lies did, in fact work out for the best in the long run? (excepting things like counter-intelligence against enemy nations).

My name is Bender. Please insert Girder

Although I feel more human today, I don't feel at all creative. I can manage logical, technical work, but any attempt at floweriness, fun or sprawling oddness drops dead almost instantly.

Similes and metaphors are not my friends today.

Maybe tomorrow.

Good deed for the day

This is the UK transplant homepage. If you live in the UK please, please sign up for it. When you're dead you won't need your organs any more and other people will.

Since April 1st this year 633 people have received transplants. There are nearly 6000 people still waiting.

Offenders to face victims

This is a fantastic idea (in certain circumstances). It should help both victims and perpetrators to move on.

People who commit crimes could avoid prosecution if they agree to face-to-face meetings with their victims and see the impact of their offences, it has been suggested.

Both victims and offenders would have to consent to taking part in the scheme with the perpetrator admitting to the offence.

Restorative justice has so far been confined largely to young offenders but will be stepped up to include more adult offenders, school bullies and anti-social hooligans.

Mr Blunkett said: "Restorative justice means victims can get an apology from their offender, but it is about more than 'saying sorry' - it provides the victim with an explanation of why the crime was committed.

"This is something a prison sentence on its own can never do and can enable victims to move on and carry on with their lives.

"It also means that for the first time offenders will be personally held to account for the crimes they have committed."

Today's TMI quiz.

I surf/chat/post naked:

Never. Ewww!
Never! Sometimes in just a towel/underwear tho.
Once or twice ever
Once a month or less
Once a week or less
You mean you're allowed on the internet in clothes?