July 20th, 2003


I like to be here when I can.

Back from the Mission. Nearly didn't go, but couldn't really abandon Erin, Mike and Andrew to go by themselves. Had a great time, despite having to consume multiple Red Bulls to have sufficient energy to dance all night. Hugh'n'Meredith bailed on us, so Mike's now home with me, consigned to funtonville.

High points included NWO (first played to me by original girlfriend Marianne back in 1992), Stand and Deliver, surreptitious manouverings to be near Tara's fan, Sana's new hair (and glowsticks), Bob'n'Vic, Hal, chatting to Anna in a corset and a lovely walk home via the base of Arthur's Seat.

And if you people could manage to be civil to each other for half an hour....I'd be bloody surprised.

More complex behaviour from genetic origins


They also found that mouse mothers without functioning Mest genes displayed little or no maternal instinct. “Although the mutant Mest females showed a normal investigative behavior towards the pups, they failed to respond with appropriate maternal behavior,” the authors explained, with many not even bothering to “free (pups from) their extra-embryonic tissues in preparation for feeding.” The mothers were also uninterested in building a nest for their newborns, the authors report. “In comparison,” they say, “nest building was an immediate response in all (normal) females.”

Cheers to autodidactic for finding that.

Self-describing Andy

Last week yonmei asked for people to describe their societies in 20 words or less.

I've failed miserably.

What started off as a list of attributes of my society turned into a desctiprion of an idealised society (as I realised I didn't really inhabit a society as such) and then into a kind of self-description. And I realised that my list of attributes didn't really work by itself. What it needed was connection between the differerent descriptions, to show how I fit together.

It's not done yet, and every time I look at it I move links about the place, change descriptive words, etc. As with any attempt to reduce a real life situation to a simple set of descriptors, it's personal, inadequate and facile. But I rather like it. Surprisingly easy to do too. If anyone's interested in knowing how it was done, leave a comment and I'll get around to writing it up.
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