July 6th, 2003


It's the dungeonest

Joe happily pointed me in the direction of this critique/rating of various DnD monsters:

The odd evolution of D&D monsters leads me to conclude that one of the following must be true: dungeons have existed for at least fifty million years or there's some sort of hyperspeed Lamarckian evolution going on or evil wizards routinely make new monsters to relax and impress waitresses or hey, are those nachos? Can I have some?


I'm beginning to suspect that my mood is now dependent on my diet far more than it used to be. Following 3 days of eating crap (due to a leaving do and my father being up and therefore my eating out more) I've got no enthusiasm for anything

I managed an hour and a half at the mission, half-heartedly dancing to a few songs, before I headed for home. It is nice to know that Mission->Home via the park takes only half an hour, but I'd rather have been having so much fun there that I didn't walk home so early.

Back on the diet tomorrow...