July 4th, 2003



I was looking over the code again and realised that I was doing things the long way round, which you wouldn't have thought was possible with 10 lines of code.
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It's the Future!


Life in the far flung year of 2000, as explained in a 1950's magazine...

The highways that radiate from Tottenville are much like those of today, except that they are broader with hardly any curves. In some of the older cities, difficult to change because of the immense investment in real estate and buildings, the highways are double-decked. The upper deck is for fast nonstop traffic; the lower deck is much like our avenues, with brightly illuminated shops. Beneath the lower deck is the level reserved entirely for business vehicles.
Tottenville is illuminated by electric "suns" suspended from arms on steel towers 200 feet high. There are also lamps which are just as bright and varicolored as those that now dazzle us on every Main Street. But the process of generating the light is more like that which occurs in the sun. Atoms are bombarded by electrons and other minute projectiles, electrically excited in this way and made to glow.

Lying in the sun

Erin called me at 4:15 yesterday and asked me to come out to the Gardens and join her. I finished moving desk (my whole team just shifted 30 feet up the corridoor) and then wandered out.

I lay and read for a while, then kept myself amused by peoplewatching. A rather cute woman wearing all black sat a few feet away from us and read her Harry Potter novel. She was wearing all black too. I had idle thoughts that she might be one of the Edinburgh people from LJ that I've never met, but it seems sadly unlikely.

Hugh called me at midday today and invited me down to the botanical gardens. So, following a brief stop at Sainsburies for food (darn this Atkins diet for making it hard to pick up food just anywhere) I met him at the bottom of Dundad street and we lazed by the swans. The grass under the trees was slightly damp so we sat in the sun, and walking back up the hill afterwards it was so hot that I ended up quite wet anyway.

I love summer, I really do.


12 tiles each 13" x 10", 6 half tiles. Marbled light grey. Free to anyone who will take them away. Left over from tiling the bathroom.


Sometimes I wish I could make all of you happy

Sometimes I think I only want to do that because it would make you all like me

Sometimes I think I suspect my motives too much

Sometimes I think that I think too much.