July 1st, 2003


Review: Bruce Almighty

INT: A studio producers office. Two studio execs are sitting on opposite sides of a very expensive desk.
Gary: Money.
Roger: Money.
Gary: Money, money, money.
Roger: Money!
Gary: More money!
Roger: Good point. But how?
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Bloody LJ

First it was down most of the night, then it was messed up all day causing my journal to be in read-only mode. You would have thought that RAID would prevent that kind of thing...

Erin came down with a cold recently, and spent days coughing. I started coughing a week later, but it wasn't until Stephen mentioned the anti-hystamines he'd picked up that I realised that a cold wouldn't explain my itchy tear-ducts. So I swiftly nicked one off of him and Bingo, no more sniffles.

Darnit, I've never had allergy problems in the summer before!


What do you do?

There's a million things to do out there, and a million places to go. 6 billion people for you to meet, a fair chunk of whom are involved in lives that are nothing like yours.

What are you doing to make your life better? How are you stretching yourself? Are you waiting for life to serve itself up to you on a plate, or are you going out in search of it?

And no, I'm not saying that you need to throw yourself into white water on a raft, or leap off to Sub-Saharan Africa and save small children from starvation, but you need to find something in your life that you can wrap yourself up in.

Look at yourself from the outside - what have you got that would interest you, if you were someone else? What advice would you give yourself, if you could? If you spoke to you from a year ago, would you feel proud of yourself? Would you even like yourself?

You can be anyone you want to be. Sure, it's not instant and it's not painless and you may not want to be who you'd need to be to get what you want, but you could do it, if you had the will.

The unexamined life isn't worth living and the unlived life isn't worth examining. Get the balance right, and if you don't like what you see then do it differently.

Get things wrong, a lot. Try things out for size and when it turns out they suit you about as well as neon-pink flares, try something else out instead. You don't grow by standing still, you grow by movement, by change. Which doesn't have to mean shooting off in all directions, internal reconfiguration is growth too. But to be is to do - if you ain't doing, you ain't.

And if you're sitting there on a Sunday afternoon, wondering why the world is so dull and your knight in shining armour hasn't swept you off your feet, ask yourself this:

If I was a knight, where would I be and who would I want?

Chemical sexuality

Reuters reports on another link between sex hormones and sexuality.

PCOS is strongly linked to high levels of androgens (like testosterone). It's now also strongly linked to lesbians:
"The prevalence of PCOS is two and a half times, almost three times, as high in lesbian women compared to heterosexual women."

The London clinic was among the first centers in Europe to offer fertility treatment to lesbians and single women. In a study of 618 women treated at the clinic, Agrawal discovered that 38 percent of the lesbian women had PCOS, compared to 14 percent of the heterosexual women.

Now, 518 isn't a huge sample size by anyone's standards, but it's yet another link between testosterone levels and sexuality.