June 28th, 2003



When you see a film review containing the words What the picture represents, in a very real way, is the death of cinema you know you have to go and see it. Especially as I was planning to anyway.


On the two domains I administer (ducker.org.uk and notzen.com) I run spamassassin. This tags likely spam emails with ****SPAM**** in the subject line. I then filter them into a subfolder called "SPAM" and check over them every couple of days.

For the 25th-27th I have 125 spam mails to be checked. I haven't seen a false positive in months, and I usually get 3 or 4 a day that spamassassin doesn't catch. so that's 45 spam a day. Without spamassassin I don't know how I'd cope.

While I'm on the subject - I run notzen.com at no profit, I charge £10 a year for email addresses (you actually get 2 if you want them) and webspace and this pretty much covers what I pay the hosting company for the name/space. If anyone wants an address, let me know. I first set it up because I wanted an address that wouldn't change, no matter how many times I changed ISP, and I didn't want to use hotmail (ewww!)

Pass me my walking stick

You know you're old when you look at the charts and think "I don't know any of this music" or when you watch tv and think "Who are all of these people?"

I think I finid it easier because I can always remind myself that the music I liked was never on top of the pops. I never really knew who the celebrities were. I was never able to stay up for 24 hours straight and then go to work. Sure, I've changed, but I haven't lost any of those things, because I never had them in the first place.

Oh, and in other news I spent twenty minutes telling the tivo to find science, politics and computer shows and then picking a few of each for it to record. Since Buffy and Scrubs finished I've not had any tv on I really wanted to see outside of the occasional Futurama. Maybe it's time to see what else is out there...

Shaving time again


In order to compare and contrast.

Here's me with from the beardy side:

and from the shaved side:

and, for real-time comparison:

Erin, of course, cannot resist making faces when she's in front of any kind of camera...