June 21st, 2003


Such a Fanboy

8:15 - I hear the distinct noise of post dropping through the letterbox. I'd been asleep moments earlier, but my senses are hyper-sharp today and I was woken by the tread of postman's feet as he came up the stairs. I turn over, tell myself not to be so stupid, and try to go back to sleep. After all, if it had been in the delivery then they;d have knocked on the door - there's no way it would fit through the letter box.

8:18 - give up, wander to the post box and stir the few letter there with my feet. All for Erin. Large parcels obvious by their absence. Wander back to be via toilet.

8:30 - woken by the front door buzzer. None of my friends are ever likely to arrive at this hour - there's only one thing it can be. I snag a towel on my journey twixt bed and door. I press the buzzer and tie the towel swiftly around my waist - no need to reward the postman with a towel falling off.

The Box is large - this book is even bigger than the last one. It says HP on the outside and I have to assume that this is to warn the Royal Mail what lies within. 500,000 copies are being sent out across the country and special vans are being laid on to help the postal service with this. I pity the poor postman who has to carry a dozen of these parcels to a street of readers.

9:15 - 42 pages in, two chapters down. Harry's different - his whole world has aged again - he's 15 now, vandals roam his suburban streets, doubt and angst straddle him, adults and friends both seem less of a comfort to him. I remember these years. 724 pages to go. I have to tell someone. Erin is asleep, so I tell you.

Nothing but a pack of cards

If you have eny economic knowledge, or interest in such, read this, which demonstrates that the US has no got itself into such huge debt that it's only floating because other countries are afraid to let it sink and so keep lending it money.

All it's going to take is a move to other currencies for internation trade (say, the Euro, for instance) and the whole thing will come crashing down.

The next few years should be very interesting...


Right, I'm off up Arthur's Seat at 3:00 from my place.

I believe that I have Sneaks, Erin and Andrew along with me on this, plus Bekka if she's still awake. Anyone else care to join us?

If you're meeting me from the Mission, tag along with Sneaks and I'll see you in the park at the base of Arthur's Seat. My mobile is 07980 86 86 39. Gimme a call at 3:15 and I should be thereabouts...