June 20th, 2003



Nice guide to what the European Constitution fuss is all about. Breaks it down into areas and the covers why each one is important and the case for/against. I seem to be in favour for all of them bar the last.


I wake up at 7:45, roll out of bed and check mail/LJ over breakfast.

I then arrive at work and catch up on work email/bulletin board stuff as I get my brain into gear to actually get some work done.

My work tends to be sporadic - compilation and file transfer can take a minute or two each time, plenty of time to check LJ for the latest couple of entries. I post a couple of responses to posts, and get a few back in return.

And then the American's stop replying - the last of them seem to go to bed at around 9:30am here (which seems to work out to 4:30am there, so I'm guessing that these are freelancers and students).

I start getting responses and posts from UK people some time around midday - people who have eitherjust got up, or hit their lunch break. Things don't really kick into gear until evening for most people, things get most prolific around 7pm-10pm (which is also when the most people are on MSN/AIM/ICQ).

I collapse into bed somewhere between 10:30 and 12:30, depending on how much self-control I have (and how tired I am), at which point my American chums seem to go into overdrive, producing a good 30-40 entries between them, to greet me in the morning.

Weekends are largely dead - apparently you mostly have better things to do with your time than post on LJ.

The Longest Day

Why the Longest Day Isn't Hottest is an article explaining why there's a solstice and why it's not the hottest day of the year.

Speaking of which, I plan to watch dawn from on top of Arthur's Seat on Sunday morning if anyone else fancies joining me. It's at 4:26, so if you're going out on Saturday night it's a quick jog to the top after that. I'm not going out dancing, cos I want to be able to make it up there without my legs falling off...