June 19th, 2003



I'm fairly sure that my life is being written by Agatha Christie.

Two weeks ago Stuart went on holiday. Kevin went on his as of Monday. Owin's off sick. Gareth took a day off to sort out his computer. Linda's away for 2 weeks.

There's 3 of us left in my team today. And this afternoon Sheila's off to a tennis tournament.

That leaves me and Brendan. I know I'm not the killer, so that means it must be him. I may have to strike pre-emptively...

If my life were a movie

the screen play would be by: P T Anderson

the directors would be: Mike Leigh

the score would be done by: Clint Mansell and Danny Elfman

the soundtrack would include: U2, Covenant, David Bowie, Mike Oldfield, Aimee Mann and The Prodigy

the title would be: Dancing With my Eyes Closed

Sound of Music Review

Written by someone here at Standard Life and far too funny not to share:

Apparently I went to see this every day for a week when I was 5, which my parents are quick to blame on my pestering but I suspect I was a scapegoat, as so often happens with parents, especially those with mountain backgrounds.

So, in support of Miss Elaine "Wedding Barbie" Hynd's quest for perfect wifely examples, we come to this classic tale of Catholic sexual reppression set against a backdrop of Nazi BDSM chic with rock 'n' roll irreverence and wanton musical osmosis.
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