June 7th, 2003


Vill Quiz

1. Are most of the people on your friends list from the U.S. or the U.K.?

More from the UK than the US, by about 50%. However, a fair number of those people are there because they're friends of friends in real life/people I bump into on the club scene. Before I thought I ought to keep up with the club-scene happenings over here, it was about even.

2. With that in mind, do you notice little cultural differences in journals from either side of the Atlantic, or are they so commonplace you gloss them over?

The only differences have been the reporting on US politics (which the Americans tend to know a teeny bit more about). Oh, and the people in the US tend to be slightly more 'my kind of people', bu that's because I chose them, rather than having them chosen for me. When I first joind LJ I added anyone who seemed vaguely interesting. It's now a lot harder to get added to my friends list because (a)you need to be giving me something that I don't already have and (b) you need to be interesting enough to add to my current fairly huge infoload.

3. If one (but only one) of the following two movies were definitely going to be made, and you were the decision maker and had to pick the lesser of the evils, would you choose: a. one in which Spider Jerusalem is a New York homicide cop investigating the murder of a campaign worker or b. one in which Morpheus wanders around an acid-trip world with his girlfriend Death and his evil twin The Corinthian?

No contest, Spider Jerusalem gets shafted. Two reasons - (1)Transmet was waaay cooool, but Sandman was art. (2) Neil Gaiman seems like a nice chap who's in it to tell the stories he wants, whereas Warren Ellis will happily go roun and rip out their lungs all by himself.

4. Does question 3 make you want to throw things at me?

It did last night, but I'm feeling calmer today.

5. How are you feeling today?
Pretty good. I slept from 2-6 (whe Erin got up) then 6:30-11 (in bits), so I feel fairly well rested. Erin's away, so I have the house to myself and I plan to relax and spend too much time farting around on the computer.

I suspect those that would, have. But if not, feel free.


Right, that's it, I'm off of WASTE.

It's a nice enough system in some ways, but I've decided that I really don't like the fact that if I'm friends with Bob and Bob's friends with Charles and Charles is friends with Derek, then Derek has as much right to my bandwidth as Bob does.

I want to be able to shared files with my friends. And it'd be nice if they could share files with their friends, but that's no reason for me to be sharing with them. If I want to share with the world, I'll do it via Kazaa or something similar.

Nathan's challenged me to come up with something that works along these lines, so that'll be a good project for me.

Cheers for the people that helped me play around with the system. Sorry it didn't quite work out.


The MTV Movies Awards kick the ass of the Oscars.

Stand out moments so far include Viggo Mortensen and Bernard Hill drawing swords on Peter Jackson, Yoda accepting his award, Tatu's dance number (when dozens of women dressed as schoolgirls flooded the auditorium as the screens flashed up lurid newspaper headlines about the dangers of Tatu corrupting the youth of today) and Lord of the Rings: Two Towers winning best film.

Absolute outstanding moment was Gollum's acceptance speech for best virtual actor. which was a masterpiece. You can download it from links here.

Sick and twisted

Here's a game that's based on some of the nice Rag Doll technology that's floating around at the moment.

By accurately modelling the different parts of the body as they move against each other, you can make the body as a whole move much more accurately.

So, for instance, if you push someone down a flight of stairs you can see exactl how their crumpled limbs would end up.

Read the rules, there are lots of options. My high score is 48000 at the moment. See if you can beat it :->


Flirting is tricky. I feel uncomfortable hiding the fact that I'm attracted to people (and I'm attracted to a fair few). But on the other hand, I know that being found attractive makes some women feel uncomfortable. I find it hard to find a level where I can low-level flirt with them without making them feel creeped out, or me feeling like I can't relax.

Bloody imperfect world.