June 6th, 2003


Interview questions

Responding to Tisme:

1) The ability to eat as much sugar as you like without any bad side effects…..or free gadgetry for the rest of your life?

Sugar. Gadgets will be more and moer buyable as I go through life - I will never be allowed to guzzle chocolate and sugar in the amounts that I want to.

2) What has been your favourite/most enjoyed/most satisfying computer/video/console game you’ve ever played? Just one, and why.

Aagh! Just one!?!?!?

Doom. The sheer amount of time and enjoyment I've gotten out of playing that game is immense. It wouldn't hold up at all nowadays, but I played it frequently for about 3 years.

3) What do you absolutely, positively HAVE to ask Alan Moore when you meet him next week?

Dave Sim - barking or what?

4) If you could live inside one of the realities portrayed in a comic, which one would it be, and why?

The problem with with living inside a world designed to be exciting is that you tend to be eaten by many-tentacled monstrosities from beyond infinity at least twice a week. If it was a book-based question I'd go for The Culture, without a second thought, but for comics I'm much less sure.

Ooh, Miracleman - that has a utopian ending, I'd just have to make sure i wasn't living in London at the wrong time...

5) Eliza Dushku, Drew Barrymore and Alyson Hannigan. Pick one (and only one!).

Easy. Drew. Eliza's far too young and Alyson's married.

Anyone else want to be quizzed?


This film sounds interesting. I'm going to withhold judgement for the moment, but it sounds like exactly the kind of dark film I like.


Well, the subject line has probably gotten rid of most of you, and this next line will almost certainly get rid of the rest.

I'm learning C#.

Right, now I've got this journal to myself (and boy, does it feel spacious without anyone else here), I'll explain why (to myself, obviously).

I've been meaning to get back into programming again, but the little bits of dabbling I've done have largely been hampered by the fact that I've not really had any projects I've been that interested in. Not only that, but I'm very, very bored of doing low level work - writing yet another bit of code to deal with files, or fiddling about with endless calls to do the simplest interaction with the outside world just doesn't interest me any more.

Also, having been programming in COBOL for the last 9 months, and having always been envious of the Visual Studio IDE when I was working in VFP (it's a fantastic IDE and does all sorts of things that are just smooooth), I thought I should work with something in that.

I can't be arsed doing garbage collection, and I wanted something that would allow me to easily write/read web services. Which leaves C#, which (by sheer coincidence) has the nicest IDE of the entire of VS.NET.

I've been working my way through Visual Studio.NET Step by Step, which has so far been very good. I've only spent a few hours on it so far, and am about 40 pages in, but the power of the system is already very apparent. The fact that I can great a GUI interface by dragging and dropping a few textboxes onto a form, then go into the code behind the form, alter the position of the items in the code-based declaration and then go back to the screen to find it's automatically updated itself is something I would have killed for a few years ago.

The XML commenting system, the collapsible procedure view, the fact that the compiler messages are actually useful and the intellisense basically make this the best environment I've ever worked in. Erin's away for the weekend and I have to say I'm looking forward to spending most of it in front of the computer, typing away.