June 3rd, 2003



"The boys," said my 10-year-old on Saturday, reflecting on her week at camp, "spent all their time talking about wanking." Despite the humidity there was no roll of thunder or sudden shaft of lightning. Well, of course they did, just as - the year before - they'd rolled meadow grass into cigarette papers and tried to smoke it. Wanking is what 10-year-old boys talk about, when their parents aren't there to hear them.

Very amusing article on how crap the British are about sex here.

Brain gone dead

One of those days. My brain feels numb, I thought I went to bed early enough last night, but I seem to be mistaken.

Trying to find something to distract myself as I slave away at a spec that (two weeks on) finally seems to be becoming coherent. Nothing seems to be sticking though, as I skip-read over huge amounts of internet information flow that just doesn't mean anything to me.

Erin's at home with the flu, pretending to work while she posts pictures of her butt online. She doesn't sound terribly well, but I'm hoping that she'll be back on her feet tomorrow. She's probably not looking after herself very well, but I'm in position to do anything at all about it.

Lunch with Stephen, Siobhan and Connor in the park. Connor being the sproglet of the first two. He's pretty cute and has bright blue eyes. Very friendly, very playful, pretty quiet (except when he spotted his dad's diet coke). Si was quick to reassure me that he doesn't normally get diet coke, but Stephen is completely incapable of not spoiling him.

My dad asked me yesterday what I want from my birthday (in August). I realised I had no idea - I'd like a new graphics card and a new motherboard and a new processor (about £300 for all three, I think), but not until Christmas, when Doom3 comes out - there's no point before then, as I'm not really playing computer games. I'd kinda like a GameCube - but ditto. A flatscreen would be nice, but I don't really need one.

I seem stuck at the point where I don't really need anything and have no idea what I want because I don't seem to have the time to want things. I think what I really want is time.

Oh well, over to you:

What do I want for my birthday?


WASTE ettiquette

So, I invited Aberbotimue and PurelySkinDeep and Gonmatron and Protempore to join me in our filesharing excercise.

Then AlienSpaceBat said Hi and we exchanged keys. Great, I thought, a 6th member.

He had 5 people in his bit of the network, and guess what, we're now a 10-person network!

I had just been thinking "Hmm, is it reasonable to expand this without asking other people?" I guess it's a tad late for that now...

Amusingly, one of them sent messages to all of us, saying that we were welcome to join their network and could we introduce ourselves :->

On the other hand, one of the new people has told me that there's a search facility, which I've just used to find lots of cool stuff spread across the network.

Which is about 150Gigabytes of 'stuff'