June 2nd, 2003


Smart, eh?

You know those people you occasionally bump into who think they're mutants with huge brains that are smarter than everyone else on the planet.

They aren't. He is.


Now that Erin has her new job we should have a stable income for a while. This means that I can finally get a loan out, stick all of our credit card debt and the fitting of the new bathroom on it and pay it off on a regular basis.

Up to this point I've been keeping the debt on the credit card, as that way I could pay it off a bit at a time, or increase the debt again, depending on how our income was doing that month.

So, that's all of my debts (apart from the Student Loan) on to on £150 a month bill, that will take a few years to pay off. But I can now forget about them and just not use the credit card (well, to be honest, I plan to use it, but pay it off each month, and only use it for things that Switch doesn't work with, like American websites).

Money's been a fairly constant worry for me for the last couple of years - with Erin getting a full time job (and one she likes, thank goodness) we should be able to live reasonably stress free.

Now, if I can just get the flat shifted over to Saint, that'll all of my actual problems sorted out...


The next person that posts spoilers for the last two Buffy episodes that haven't been on satellite yet here in the UK (let alone on normal channels) will make me exceptionally unhappy.

Is it too much to ask that you don't talk about the ending of the only tv series I've loved since Babylon 5 came to it's unfortunate end?



So far we have 26.5 Gig of music in out little WASTE group. Anyone care to help us hit the 50Gig barrier?

I have 42 files queued from Guy and am sucking up his bandwidth something rotten...

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I would rather

Have sex with someone at random and then find out if I want to know them better
Make friends with someone and then decide if I want to have sex with them

In my past relationships, I have largely

Had sex with someone at random and then found out if I wanted to know them better
Made friends with someone and then decide if I want to have sex with them