June 1st, 2003


Decisions, decisions

Just back from dancing at Ascenscion

Mmmm, Sana
Ooooh, Bekka

Sigh, I can't decide. You guys are gonna have to decide for me...

My choice would be


(and yes, those of you who don't know them both will just have to sit this one out...)

Update: Bekka left a picture of her dancing gear tonight here
Ooh, Guy just sent me a photo of Sana which you can find here. I'm not sure it helps much, tho.

(no subject)

Mr Eldritch, he doesn't like America very much...

I hear the roar of a big machine
Two worlds and in between
Love lost, fire at will
Dum-dum bullets and shoot to kill, I hear
Dive, bombers, and
Empire down

I hear the sons of the city and dispossessed
Get down, get undressed
Get pretty but you and me,
We got the kingdom, we got the key
We got the empire, now as then,
We don't doubt, we don't take direction

We look hard
We look through
We look hard to see for real
Such things I hear, they don't make sense
I don't see much evidence