May 20th, 2003



Salon has an interview with Joss Whedon up here.

It has a few spoilers for the episodes that the US people have seen but the UK people haven't, and if you don't have a salon subscription you have to watch a small advert (or do something else for 30 seconds), but it's a pretty good interview and covers why some things happened the way they did.


A few people have wondered what a meme is - the word does keep popping up on LJ, after all.

A meme is the idea equivalent of a gene. It's a unit of information that replicates from person to person. Good memes are ones that survive, bad memes die out quickly. Some memes spread extremely quickly but die after a short while (the quizzes that pass through the whole of LJ in a few days and then vanish), others take years to grab a person but never let go (religions tend to be like this).

More here.

Glastonbury ticket

I have a friend with a ticket for Glastonbury which they want to get rid of. Price is £111 which is what they cost brand new.

If anyone knows anyone who wants it, let me know.