May 18th, 2003


Poking and prodding

I'm not good with people. Well, I am in some ways. I don't tend to judge, which means people feel more comfortable unburdening to me, which is good. But my lack of empathy means that I don't tend to think about the effect that what I'm saying has on others. A few times recently I've taken something people have said, generalised it and posted something about it on my journal. I'd just like to say that I've never intended this to offend anyone - it's always because the ideas behind it fascinate me and I want to either examine them or get feedback from others about their opinions.

If I take your personal, private life and poke it back at you on my journal and you don't like it, for goodness sake tell me. I'm not promising to take things down, but I'm very happy to at least look at what I've done and try to make things less offensive.