May 2nd, 2003


Election Update

Final result according to the BBC is:
Labour - 50 (-6)
SNP - 24 (-8)
Lib-Dem - 16 (No Change)
Conservative - 16 (+2)
Green - 6 (+5)
Socialists - 5 (+4)
Other - 4 (+3)

A quick calculation shows that the proportional representation system seems to have generally worked, with party percentages around the same as their second vote numbers except for Labour who are a fair chunk higher.

Obviously I'd have preferred the Liberal-Democrats to have gained, but breaking even will have to do.

The lack of overall majority will undoubtably lead to a Labour/Liberal-Democrat coalition again, which will tide me over until May 2007...

Oh, and congratulations are definitely in order to the Green party, whose tactic of going for the second vote only seems to have paid off handsomely.


I'm going to see X2 on Tuesday night with Hal, Bekka and Erin. We'll be heading for the 6:40 performance at the Warner Village.

Does anyone else wish to join us? I'm going to book tickets over the weekend, so let me know by Sunday and I'll book a whole bunch and get money back from people...

Retro Gaming sucks ass

All those old games you played when you were a kid in the 80s/90s that were great and had far more playability than the games now?

They sucked ass.

Through a straw.

This thesis is hilariously expounded upon here.

Thanks to Mike for the link